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Safety in senior care is our main mission. Born in a pandemic, InfeXBloc™ was created to give facilities, residents and families peace of mind. Our patented operational architecture, designed to make any senior care facility pandemic resistant, is fueled by an innovative, operational architecture that can distinguish between unpredictable and predictable events. To illustrate this, the arrival of infection from outside your facility is an unpredictable event; the spread of infection inside the facility is a predictable outcome. That’s where InfeXBloc™ comes in. Our solution implements a combination of controls and safeguards to achieve desired results.

Most facilities where coronavirus caused serious harm were licensed and compliant. This is why licensing and compliance do not always ensure a safe facility. Rather, a stronghold must be implemented from within – before incidents even arise – to prevent outbreaks and mass infections in the first place.

Safety vs. compliance: this is where InfeXBloc™ makes a distinction. Pre-COVID facilities suffered from lack of transparency, liquid disinfection of surfaces prone to human error, extreme measures as a default approach after the fact, severely restricted family visitation, and blame placed on outside influences, all with no RN/LVN on staff.

In contrast, InfeXBloc™-enabled facilities have:

  • UVC light technology-based disinfection of surfaces
  • Transparency by digitization
  • Extreme measures as last resort
  • Independent of outside solutions
  • Family visitation allowed
  • RN/LVN on staff

Our Humble Beginnings

InfeXBloc™ was created by Ashish Warudkar, who has worked in the software industry for more than 30 years, including more than 19 years within the healthcare sector. An entrepreneur for two decades, Ashish provides consultation to “Golden Springs Ranch, ” an upcoming InfeXBloc™ home in Palmdale, California. This location will introduce critical InfeXBloc™ innovations to provide residents with a safe, happy home and their families with peace of mind.

InfeXBloc™ had very humble beginnings, started with just $250 in 1990. Ashish and his wife Anjana have been blessed with three grown children. They were educated in prestigious institutions (IIT, UCI, Harvard, MIT) and have worked for many successful and powerful enterprises over the years.

Backed by 35 years of professional experience and 15 years of successful marketing entrepreneurship, Ashish spent the last nine years caring for his mother-in-law, which helped the couple develop a vision to serve senior citizens and their family members.

Going beyond the failed-to-prevent mindset, InfeXBloc™ puts in place a series of strategies to address the inherent design flaws present in most senior care facilities. Quite simply, most facilities are not equipped to prevent infection spread. In fact, our mantra is:

“Safety is not the absence of infection, but the presence of capacity to deal with an infection without it causing uncontrolled harm to the residents, caregivers and the facility.”
So, again we ask:

The benefits to our offering include:

  • Residents, families and caregivers will feel safer
  • Competitive edge in marketing
  • Lower stress, more control
  • Patented technology
  • More secure revenue stream attracts investors

With InfeXBloc™, you can restore your ability to perform high risk, high consequence work safer than ever before.

Three-Step Process

1. Planning for prevention:
The InfeXPASS™ system is an engineering control designed to prevent the entry of infection. When a relative, care professional, or staff member wishes to visit the facility, they utilize the electronic appointment system that is on the facility website. That system asks basic health screening questions and records the answers.

2. Safe Execution:
Caregivers must exercise proper PPE usage. Outside each resident’s room is a scanner that grants access only if proper PPE have been used. Scanners enforce door access and record events when caregiver successfully achieves access.

3. Recovery in the event infection enters facility:
Residents who test positive for an infection are placed in quarantine, where the room’s negative HVAC system will be engaged. Activities can be livestreamed to the room, and caregiver responsible for the quarantined resident must take extra precautions suitable to the type of infection identified. All rooms undergo UVC disinfection every 24 hours.

Stabilizing a Shaken Industry

What was once a safe, secure business has been rocked to its very core. We aim to stabilize that insecurity, confusion, and triage-centered approach that can only stem the bleeding, by introducing a systemic technology that works from the inside, protecting seniors, reassuring family members and strengthening facilities.

InfeXBloc™ equals peace of mind, something senior care facilities desperately need in such times of uncertainty. With our solutions, you can make your facility pandemic-resistant and remain an attractive option to the senior residents of today, and millions more Baby Boomers coming your way tomorrow.

Senior care in a post-COVID-19 world is a complex ecosystem that simply cannot be ignored as we enter 2021.

InfeXBloc™: Building a Shield for Mom. It’s time to learn how your facility can leverage the architecture to move forward, enhance safety and rebuild trust in a post-pandemic world.

We invite you take this journey with us and see what the future holds!

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