InfeXBloc™ Product Description

InfeXBloc™ is an operational architecture that distinguishes between unpredictable and predictable events.

The arrival of infection from outside the facility is an unpredictable event, while the spread of infection inside the facility is a predictable outcome (Figure 1 – 2).
InfeXBloc™ implements a combination of controls and safeguards to achieve the above results. 

Overall InfeXBloc™ works at three levels:


Planning for prevention


Safe Execution


Recovery, in case an infection enters the facility

1. Planning for Prevention

InfeXBloc™ recommends proper planning to prevent the entry of infection into a facility.

  • InfeXPASS™ system is an engineering control designed to prevent the entry of infection. When a relative/ visitor/ care professional/ supplier staff/ maintenance staff desires to visit the facility, they use the electronic appointment system on the facility website. That system asks basic health screening questions and records the answers.
  • The above also applies to residents who may have been returning from relative visits, weekend outings or Doctor’s office visits/ hospital visits/ laboratory visits. This is intended to arrest the possibility of externally acquired infections from  entering the facility or if detected, appropriate controls are exercised.
  • On arrival, a nurse validates essential health screening markers and issues an InfeXPASS™ that is valid for a specific duration. They are issued an access key which also controls the areas of the facility that access is valid.
  • The above access key also ensures that the visitor’s current location within the facility can be tracked in real time.
  • The above access key’s ability to access facility areas is tied to the InfeXCON™ condition of the property.

2. Safe Execution

InfeXBloc™ also recommends that caregivers exercise proper PPE usage. There are controls to ensure that PPE are used as advised.

  • Outside each resident room is a scanner that ensures that access is granted only if proper PPE have been used.
  • Appropriate with the InfeXCON™ status of the facility, these scanners can enforce door access and will also record events when caregiver successfully achieves access.
  • InfeXBloc™ also ensures that visitors/ supplier staff/ maintenance staff/ activity staff/ volunteers/ care professionals movements within the facility as well as pertinent events are recorded.

3. Recovery, when infection enters the facility

  • When a resident acquires an infection from outside, and this is detected by one or more of these methods (Physician/ Care professional, Facility Nurse, Caregivers, delayed lab reports detection etc.), they are placed in a quarantine in their room.
  • Their room’s negative HVAC system is engaged. All the rooms in the facility are equipped with isolation characteristics. All trash in the room is disposed of in biohazard bins.
  • Facility InfeXCON™ status is turned to ‘Brown’ (this implies that this resident is quarantined and is not permitted to mix with other residents or staff). For other residents, facility life stays as normal, meals are served in common dining areas, activities are happening.
  • For the sake of the resident in quarantine, activities can be live streamed to their room.
  • The caregiver responsible for the ‘quarantined resident’ is taking extra precautions suitable to the type of infection identified.
  • When the resident’s physician gives an all clear, resident quarantine is terminated and the facility InfeXCON™ status returns to green.
  • Meanwhile on a 24 hour cycle, all the resident’s rooms and common areas are exposed to UVC light to achieve disinfection.
  • All events pertaining to the InfeXCON™ status are streamed in real time on the facility website in an encrypted manner.
  • If more than x% of residents are designated as ‘quarantined’ then the InfeXCON™ for the facility switches to Yellow. What this means is that all residents are now encouraged to be in their rooms, the quarantined residents receive extra cautionary care, all room doors automatically stay closed.  The “x%” is a parameter that can be chosen by facility management. Thus, at what threshold should the facility switch from ‘Brown’ to ‘Yellow’ is a choice that the facility management can make..
  • When any resident is declared COVID positive, the condition of the facility is switched to Red, all trash in the room is treated bio-hazard, all rooms negative HVAC system is engaged, common room activities are suspended, meals are served in rooms. caregivers and professionals exercise highest level of precautions and PPE to ensure containment.
  • All the 20 rooms in the facility will have the capability of containment for a COVID positive resident.
  • All rooms are swept with UVC disinfection every 24 hours.

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